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H07. Pan-Fried Beef/Lamb Dumplings (15 pcs) 牛, 羊肉煎饺 (15个)

H23. Fried Noodle with Beef 牛肉炒面

H11. Steamed Lamb Dumplings (10 pcs) 清真烧麦 (10个)

H16. House Special Fried Rice 中华特色炒饭

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H19. Fried Rice with Egg 蛋炒饭

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H22. Chicken Fried Rice 鸡炒饭

H24. Fried Noodle with Chicken 鸡炒面

H04. Beef/Lamb Pancake 清真牛羊肉夹饼

H30. Hand-Made Noodle with Lamb Sauce 羊肉哨子面

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H20. Shrimp Fried Rice 虾炒饭

H06. Beef/Lamb Dumplings (5 pcs) 牛, 鸡肉水饺 (15个)

H05. Pan-Fried Beef/Lamb Pancake (4 pcs) 牛, 羊肉馅饼 (4个)

H02. House Hand-Made Noodle Soup with Beef 兰州牛肉拉面

H26. Fried Noodle with Mixed Vegetable 杂菜炒面

H29. Hand-Made Noodles with Lamb 特色炒拉条

H01. House Hand-Made Noodle Soup with Lamb 河南手工烩面

H31. Pancake with Green Onion 葱油饼

H18. Special Lamb Fried Rice 羊肉抓饭

H15. Pan-Fried Leek Dumplings 韭菜盒子

H28. Fried Noodle with Shrimp 虾炒面

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H21. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice 素炒饭

H14. Pan-Fried Stuffed Bun 羊肉煎包

H17. Beef Fried Rice 牛肉炒饭

H10. Wonton with Spicy Sauce 红油龙抄手 Spicy

H13. Baked House Special Bread 特色烤馕

H25. Fried Noodle with Seafood 海鲜炒面

H12. Lamb Dumplings in Sour Soup (12 pcs) 酸汤水饺 (12个)

H27. Spicy Fried Noodle 麻辣炒面 Spicy

H08. Pan-Fried Sesame Bread 芝麻大饼

H09. Lamb Wonton in Hot Pot 砂锅小馄饨

H03. Vermicelli Soup with Beef or Lamb 牛羊桂林米粉

H34. Deep Fried Dough (1 pc)