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Legend:  spicy spicy  

K13. Hot & Sour with Chicken or Shrimp 酸辣鸡丁/鲜虾汤 SpicySpicy

K15. Chicken Corn Soup 玉米鸡汤

K14. Hot & Sour Soup 酸辣汤 SpicySpicy

K01. House Special Lamb Soup 清真全羊汤

Large (include pancake)


Small 小

K06. Xi'An Style Lamb Soup 西安羊肉泡馍

K05. Lamb Soup with Chinese Herbal 当归羊肉汤

K02. Special Lamb Soup 招牌羊肉鲜汤

K07. Lamb Soup with Pickled Chinese Cabbage 酸菜羊肉锅

K09. Lamb Rib with Vegetable in Soup 羊排砂锅

K12. Beef Soup with Egg 西湖牛肉 羹

K17. Lamb Ribs Soup 养身羊排汤

K03. Lamb Organs Soup 回民羊杂汤

K04. House Pepper Soup 逍遥胡辣汤 Spicy

K11. Tofu Soup with Seafood 海鲜豆腐羹

K08. Lamb Rib with Wintermelon in Soup 冬瓜羊排锅

K18. Sliced Lamb Soup 回民肉片汤

K16. Dough Drop Soup 老北京疙瘩汤