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Legend:  spicy spicy  

A18. Fried Cumin Lamb 孜然羊肉

A05. BBQ Lamb Ribs 烤羊排

A19. Stir-Fried Lamb with Green Onion 葱爆羊肉

A04. Flavoured Lamb Ribs 手抓羊排

A20. Deep-Fried Lamb with Toothpicks 牙签羊肉

A01. Small Lamb Leg 小羊腿

A17. Lamb on Sizzling Hot Plate 铁板羊肉

A32. Boiled Spicy Lamb Organs Spicy

A11. Sauteed Lamb with Green Chilli Pepper 尖椒炒羊肉 Spicy

A15. Stir-Fried Lamb with Scrambled Eggs 桂花羊肉

A14. Special Fried Lamb with Coriander 海拉尔炒羊肉 (香菜)

A03. Deep Fried Sesame Lamb Ribs 芝麻羊排

A25. Curry Lamb 咖喱 羊肉

A23. House Fried Lamb 干锅羊肉(老干妈,孜然) SpicySpicy

A06. Lamb Ribs 羊排 SpicySpicy

A07. Fried Lamb with Crispy Rice 锅巴羊肉

A34. House Steamed Lamb 清真白水羊肉

A35. Stir-Fried Spicy Lamb Organs 火爆羊杂 SpicySpicy

A24. Special Lamb & Pancake 羊肉脆馕

A21. Braised Lamb 红烧羊肉

A13. Fried Lamb with Cabbage 回锅羊肉 SpicySpicy

A27. Fried Lamb Liver 老店溜羊肝

A09. Sauteed Lamb with Yam 羊肉烧山药

A29. Stir-Fried Lamb Tripe with Green Onion 葱爆羊肚

A26. Special Lamb Spine 酱羊蝎子

A02. Big Lamb Shank 大羊腿

A08. Fried Lamb in Sauce 焦溜羊肉

A12. Fried Lamb with Bread 回民馕包羊肉

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A31. Steamed Lamb Tripe 水爆肚(黑毛肚)

A10. Sauteed Lamb with Celery 西芹炒羊肉

A16. Boiled Spicy Lamb in Soup 沸腾羊肉 SpicySpicy

A30. Stir-Fried Lamb Lung with Green Chilli Pepper 尖椒炒羊肺(羊肝) Spicy

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A33. Stir-Fried Lamb Meat with Laoganma Sauce

A33. Stir-Fried Lamb Meat with Laoganma Sauce